“Arnold Bennett says that the horror of marriage lies in its “dailiness.” All acuteness of a relationship is rubbed away by this. The truth is more like this: life — say 4 days out of 7 — becomes automatic; but on the 5th day a bead of sensation (between husband and wife) forms which is all the fuller and more sensitive because of the automatic customary unconscious days on either side. That is to say the year is marked by moments of great intensity. Hardy’s “moments of vision.” How can a relationship endure for any length of time except under these conditions?”

A quote from Virginia Wolfe’s A Writer’s Diary taken from the Brainpickings blog.

I like the word “bead” used here. The image that comes to my mind is the little rain droplets forming and travelling on a wire ,until they become a luminous bead to drop down when other droplets come to form a bead and drop down likewise.

I like the usage “dailiness” to describe the circular lives of a husband and wife , bound within the confines of a structured relationship in a family unit consisting of husband, wife and children.