Uncollected poems

Alejandra Pizarnik : from uncollected poems


The seven poems here are collected from the 17 typed manuscript pages brought to the home of the poet Perla Rezait in 1971, a year before her death.

What does one make of it ? There is death-like passivity in the entire activity of stringing together the seventeen poems as brought to the poet Perla Rozait a year before her death.

The poems are from uncollected poems- how passive , how death-like! Brought to the poet Perla Rezait in 1971, a year before her death. Brought, not collected. How death-like!

Alive and blinking

When you wake up in the morning you reiterate your existence saying aloud “Alive and kicking!” .In the morning walk you are blinded by the brilliant morning sun in the tall grass waving in the breeze .You say “alive and blinking”. The grass re-asserts your existence as the sun continues to shine warmly on your skin. In the distance the hillocks sit pretty against the blue sky waiting for the golden sunshine to cover their flanks.

Instead of the long time frame one sets for oneself in younger days, the time horizon is now just one day –between today’s dawn and tomorrow’s, now, so uncomfortably close.

You want to be alive and blinking- at the far horizon where the hillocks sit pretty waiting for the sun’s golden rays to cover their flanks.