Monopoly building in capitalist regimes

The Capitalist Conspiracy: An inside view of International Banking is a documentary film made in the 1960’s tracing the history of small groups of people who control the money systems of the world and influence the political systems trying to steer the course of history towards consolidation of their own financial empires.These groups wield power through the governments whom they help elect and bring about war or peace depending on what is to their advantage.Their support to the regimes are not according to their idelogical biases but according to the usefulness of these regimes in perpetuating their monopolies.

These groups now have now substituted the fear of global pollution in place of the threat of war.

The doctrine of the Intelligent Design

The proponents of the Intelligent Design ,who are basically  Americans ,say that the world is too complex to be fitted into a smug theory of a merely happening thing-something the Darwinians hold steadfastly ,based upon the theories of natural selection and automatic mutation. If things are hapening in the world according to a pre-ordered scheme it is because there is an intelligent design behind the whole thing.
Modern evolutionary biology emphasises the essential unity of life.Darwin’s theory unseats man from his central position robbing him of his so-called divinity and spritual pre-eminence and makes him a helpless life-form on the same footing as a microbe which can also evolve , through the twin engines of the urge to procreate and the survival instinct, into a thinking creature.

India’s food security

As one who had lived through ,in the formative years,endemic food shortages I distinctly recall the long queues for buying ration wheat and sugar and rice especially during the Chinese war time.The shortages  dramatically disappeared by early 1970’s by which time the green revolution  had happened thanks to the increased wheat output resulting from the introduction of the Mexican dwarf variety.

The man who should be credited with this achivement is M.S.Swaminathan .Here is what Norman Borlaugh has said about Swaminathan:”The green revolution has been a team effort and much of the credit for its spectacular development must go to Indian officials, Organisations, Scientists and farmers. However, to you, Dr. Swaminathan, a great deal of the credit must go for first recognising the potential value of the Mexican dwarfs. Had this not occurred, it is quite possible that there would not have been a green revolution in Asia”

Bilological warfare or germs warfare

5 years ago there were anthrax attacks immediately after the 9/11.Apparently the scare created then did not last long enough to make Governments sit up and take notice of the possibility of repeat attacks in a more virulent form.Where are the attackers now is a question that would obviously arise in the wake of the present “liquid substances” and “shampoo” scares.

The modus operandi involves the use of spores of the anthrax bacterum which will remain inactive for long until the host is found and then multiply at an enormous rate causing disease in the host body.

In Darwin’s world man is no longer the divine being but a helpless product of chancy mutation

The Reluctant Mr.Darwin by Quammen is Darwin’s latest biography that deals with Darwin’s ideas “which were profoundly original,dangerous and thrilling”.Why does life evolve,Darwin wondered. The idea that natural selection is at work-Godless,goalless,scattershot,haphazard- leaves a world of materialism difficult to accept. In this world mutation and recombination are mere accidents.

Centuries before Copernicus removed the earth from the centre of the universe and now Darwin has removed man as the God’s chosen species among living forms.

(Reviewer:Gregory M.Lamb)

My child-God

In the dark I think of ways
Lateral and skywards
Then and now I think him
A tiny paper scrap
Holds all the secrets.
On its glossy obverse
There is a mystic mantra.
Behind it, he smiles
At first unfelt, unseen
Bejeweled child-feet
Touch the orange sky
Saffron pigtailed bearers
Swing his palanquin-cradle
Beauty waves surge
Amid perfumed sticks
Yellowed holy rice
Sweet banana slices
Fragrant camphor flames.
Metallic discs meet
Fingers dance on drums
To feverish headshakes
Hair tousled, foreheads moist
The blue-sky child sleeps
Behind closed eyelids.

(at the ISKCON temple in Bangalore )