Humans are above dogs

In response to the recent mauling death of a four-year-old, the mayor of Bucharest announced that on October 6 residents would have the opportunity to decide whether the city’s stray dogs — estimated to number about 65,000 — should be euthanized. Hundreds in favor of a cull attended a demonstration on Sunday (Sept. 8), including the victim’s grandmother, who said, “I hope for a change for the better – I don’t want to see dogs on the street anymore.” Even Romania’s president, Traian Basescu, is in favor of a law authorizing euthanasia, stating, “Humans are above dogs.”

Really? That is what humans think. What do dogs think?

The logic seems to be that  a human’s life is more precious than a dog’s life. Precious to whom is not material as there is no third party assessing the value of the lives of each species. Pending that humans consider themselves slightly higher in the rank. Human life is precious to humans. So humans make laws suited to their own beliefs furthering their survival.

Euthanasia for healthy dogs? Okay because we have to lull our human conscience into believing that killing the dogs is for their own good!

Like bombing Syria for their own good!

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One thought on “Humans are above dogs”

  1. WOW…What an amazing post that I couldn’t agree with more. And how do these HUMANS think the DOGS got there in the first place!? It’s just mind-boggling that a single dog mauling would cause this hive mind approach to all strays. As an aside but no less important point, thank you SO much for the visit and follow of my blog! I have returned the flavor (“rawhide chew” in honor of the poor Romanian pups) and am looking forward to our future exchanges of posts and information! Cheers, Jamy 😀

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