There is no sad music,only bad music

Scientists say there is an essential difference between feeling genuine sadness and understanding the meaning of sadness through art: A song that communicates sadness does not pose an actual threat to our safety. The critical distance created by imitative art may actually help people deal with their own negative emotions. “Emotion experienced by music has no direct danger or harm unlike the emotion experienced in everyday life. Therefore, we can even enjoy unpleasant emotion such as sadness. If we suffer from unpleasant emotion evoked through daily life, sad music might be helpful to alleviate negative emotion.
I do not know what is sad music or happy music. Does the lyric of a vocal composition make it sad or happy? Or is there something inherent in the nuances of sound that make you sad or happy? If that were the case ,would instrumental music make you feel sad or happy?

I think the way the sounds are positioned with respect to each other they create an impact on your cognition and consequently the sensations they create aurally. Just like a fine breeze that produces pleasurable sensations on your cognition through the instrumentality of your skin. All good music gives pleasurable sensations and there is no such thing as sad music,only bad music.

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