Density of experience

” Many visitors come to this city and fall in love with it. What I fell in love with was the density of experience here. This is a chaotic, awkward, historic, and organic city organized on a grid. Although perfect buildings, like the Chrysler Building or the Statue of Liberty, symbolize ‘I Love NY,’ it is the other ordinary buildings, spilling with hectic daily life, that hold real New York life and passion. The fact that they stand right next to the icons is what makes this city special”

Quote taken from Brain Pickings

An interesting observation by a new comer to the city of New York who chooses to own up the city by drawing its buildings. Love the precision of the words. Density of experience about a city is much more than a density of the population in it. Here the density is both horizontal and vertical, across time and space, across divergent levels of consciousness, across the sprawling collective conscious of its people. Only an artist could react  this way to a city  in terms of the experience it offers to the new comer. Especially a new comer who is in the process of owning up the city by grappling with it in drawings.

The organic nature of the city is grasped easily as a grid, in which everything is connected ,in  a chaotic, loosely organised structure. The ordinary buildings too retain their contribution to the city , standing cheek by jowl with the iconic ones.. Like what we experience in Mumbai city, where perfect buildings stand in peaceful co-existence with the drab and listless ones.

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