Reading is for the same reason why we walk, talk and make love

What is reading for? For the same reason why we walk, talk and make love.That is how the species transmits itself from yesterday to tomorrow.

 Especially the making love part. Because we trasnsmit ourselves through it!

But seriously, do we need books,I mean written books to transmit ourselves from yesterday to tomorrow? Why not oral books, such as the large stock of myths that transmit themselves orally through generations.

 If the printed book is becoming extinct due to e-books ,will knowldege be preserved the same way as the printed word? If not transmitted the same way, how do we transmit the whole thing? I mean, the knowledge in the hard disks of the world may evaporate and bits of it form new tablets of knowledge far different from what yesterday would like to transmit to tomorrow! Can we make the whole thing in its pristine form available as formulated by  yesterday for access by tomorrow? Think.