Living in the present


“Why aren’t our thoughts independent of each other? Why don’t we just live in the moment? For a healthy person, it’s impossible to live in the moment. It’s a nice thing to say in terms of seizing the day and enjoying life, but our inner lives and experiences are much richer than that.”

If only we could de-link the present moment with the past experience! They are saying such a thing is not possible due to our complex inner life that connects our present moment with the past experience.

I wonder how the past experience comes into being in our present sensory experiences , say , while we are feeling a gentle wind blowing on our skin. I have a feeling that our perception in the present experience is entirely dependent upon a comparison of the present sensory experience with the past experience. Thus we can enjoy a nice breeze blowing on the body only by knowing in the body what it is like not to have such a breeze blowing on the body. No sensory experience is possible without going back to the archived sensations or lack of them within the body. All pleasure or pain experienced in the present is relative to the intensity of similar sensations experienced earlier. Thus it may not be possible always to live in the present, savoring only the pleasant sensations contained therein by delinking the present from the past.

One comment on “Living in the present

  1. gssubbu says:

    The present lost will be a past you never knew.

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