Skimming is not lack of attention but rather an attempt to cope with abundance

…not only is skimming a kind of reading we can (and should) choose to use, it is the ideal method for dealing with an abundance of reading. When there is much to read, and you want to get to as much of it as you can, skimming is essential. So perhaps our increased agility with skimming is not so much a product of a distracted lifestyle, but of increased abundance—a practice brought on by the wealth of text, not the poverty of attention….

A reading Note on how to read in an age of abundance
That assuages my guilt about skimming that I so religiously practice on my wanderings in the internet. The long text always leaves you wanting for less in this age of abundance. So why not read a little rather than nothing? Dreaming of in-depth reading can perhaps be left to the younger more patient minds but for us oldies who can always predict in advance what the writer is going to say in the coming pages it should suffice to skim and keep ourselves aware of the topic. This is yet another style of reading , my friend here says and it suits me to agree with him wholeheartedly. No lack of attention, only rationing of attention in this age of plenitude.

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