Skimming seems to be the problem of internet reading for most of us. Depth is not what we are looking into but rather the width and the range of reading.I hardly read much,except around 10% or so as I begin to read .I guess the remaining 90% and make it all up so well in the mind,so that at the end of the day I belch in complete belly-satisfaction! Because reading only stokes the fires of my imagination ,forcing me to make up for what should be the thinking of the writer in the balance part of the writing.

If this is what is skimming in the context of the present day internet reading, it cannot be true that we skim in order to overcome the problem of plenty,the abundance of reading availability. It is merely that we skim in order to fill in our minds most of what other people write with our own stuff.

Needs elaboration ? The next time.

(From my Ohlife journal)

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