The default mode

When presented with choices we are unable to take decisions in the split- second’s time given to us and consequentely proceed to the next set of choices without checking off the choice after arriving at it after careful thought. As a result we often get into the default mode, which is a built- in option available as part of the program. On account of the failure to arrive at a decision quickly we necessarily get into the default mode,which is usuallythe most non- controversial mode and does not warrant further exercising of one’s mind. We have our form -filling to do constantly in life and life presents to us the default mode as a choice along with other options. Due to the inertia inherent in our nature we pass over each set of these options ,unwittingly getting into the default mode. The default mode means status quo ante or the adoption of the safest course available. Many times we miss the opportunities to make something out of our life merely because of the laziness of the mind or inertia of our thinking.

We fill a lot of forms in our daily life including in our online activities.The downside of embracing the default mode is that you walk into the trap laid by the guy who is selling you something or wants to indoctrinate you to follow him.The columns for eliciting the information are structured in such a way that you automatically fall into the default mode which is what sub-serves his interests and furthers his agenda. If you are taking a survey you end up validating the “findings” of the surveyor which he has originally set out to prove.In this case your views are merely acting as a prop to support his line of thinking .

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