Is there emotional suffering just like physical suffering?

Emotional suffering does take place when there is a hurt to your self-esteem ,which is a result of something external like for example your boss berating your performance and causing hurt to you.You may choose to reduce or alleviate the suffering completely if you consciously ignore the taunts of the boss treating him as not worthy of attention.It is important to ensure that your elf-esteem is not affected .This way we can say that the suffering is both internally generated and caused by purely external factors and sometimes by a combination of both.

As a strategy to combat bouts of low self-esteem caused by external factors like somebody berating you we may consider boosting our own self-esteem by being fully confident of our own abilities irrespective of the outsider’s assessment of them.But in reality this may not work out all the time because the boss is not merely berating your performance but at the same time following it up with a bad appraisal with the consequence of loss of promotion,raise,etc.,the possibility of which will cause further low-esteem. In such a situation your own assessment of your abilities does not matter.Emotional suffering cannot therefore be avoided in all cases .It can only be controlled by cultivating self-confidence and the ability to work your way up notwithstanding the obstacles with clear focus.

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