How do we realize we are mortals ?

How do we realize we are mortals ?

Suppose it is both an observation from our experience of the world and also socially influenced. Freud suggests that we cannot really think of ourselves as
dead; even when we imagine our funeral taking place, we are still sort of there
watching, and so alive and conscious

(Ask Philosophers)

How do we realize we are mortal ? The question is focused on realizing.If it is otherwise,consciousness of mortality is merely a socially acquired knowledge or is based upon own observation but that is not realization.Strictly speaking one realizes one is mortal only at the time of death and unfortunately the moment you are dead you can no longer realize anything .

Talking of realizing ,one always carries the feeling of transience all the while as though it is a small little umbrella which comes with you wherever you go in rain. The umbrella protects you from the harshness of the realities because if you are aware of the impermanence inherent in the scheme of things ,you do not take a stand in life- a fixity of purpose which is not warranted. If you are a mere bird of passage , of what use is a stance ,a fixity of mind ?

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