Between the writer and the reader words are the barricade!

I love these simple lines by Tamil poet Nakulan(translated by blogger Chenthil):

Between the writer and the reader words are the barricade!


The irony is delicious. Words are supposed to bridge distances between the writer and the reader but it is the words which effectively block communication between the two.The poet talks mostly to himself as the words are meant for him,not for the reader.Mesmerised by the beauty of his own words the poet hardly makes an effort to reach them to the reader who alone is supposed to be their recipient.

Obscurity in poetry makes for a better poet-reader connection when the reader is not concerned enough to cross the barricade .Nor does the poet try to remove the barricade because it suits him to maintain an “arm’s length relationship” with the supposed reader .His poetry remains permanently hidden in the annotated pages of anthologies and university textbooks waiting to be discovered by an interested reader.

poetry in obscurity

he wanted to write poetry
in obscurity and ended up writing
obscurity in poetry and
when asked why ,he said
it did not matter ,
which is which.
He grappled with life ,
obscurity and poetry
In that order and at times
for reasons obscure ,
obscurity came first
and life next and poetry last.

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