Shared Conscious

`I have been thinking of a model representing Time as a stack of circular -shaped discs ,each disc representing one space-time .The stack represents Time(already gone) with fresh discs being added ,each representing a space-time of the future.Each space-time stands for space tied to a particular Time .The vertical height represents Time from the beginning (As if there is beginning of Time!) and the horizontal space represents Space.

Extending the metaphor further, we can say that each disc represents one spatial consciousness and the stack the shared consciousness of humankind.There is a hole in the centre of the disc through which runs the thread of the collective conscious.(Like a mint with the hole!)

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One thought on “Shared Conscious”

  1. Interesting! The question, however, stands: How and where do these discs, which represent space-time in your construct come from? How do they become real? I have a similar (well, not really similar, but along similar lines) construct, where I suggest that the space of Time and the time of Space are aggregations of what originally were intensities (i.e., intensive relations of forces). Probably all off center etc. But, yes, your construct is intriguing! Look forward to more on this as and when you update.


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