When a new activity is started, a “connect” has to be established between the start of the activity and the future events of the middle and the end. The activity has to be carried on with a running awareness of the end of the activity at any point of time during the activity. When this “connect “is not established each activity will remain open-ended and it will be difficult for the individual to organize his activities within the time resources available to him. When the individual starts an activity,inherent in the start itself should be awareness of the end of activity. A disconnect here will mean disorganization. People who have processing difficulties should consciously cultivate an awarenss of the activity being performed.

Default mode

When presented with choices we are unable to take decisions in the split- second’s time given to us and consequentely proceed to the next set of choices without checking off the choice after arriving at it after careful thought. As a result we often get into the default mode, which is a built- in option available as part of the program. On account of the failure to arrive at a decision quickly we necessarily get into the default mode,which is usuallythe most non- controversial mode and does not warrant further exercising of one’s mind. We have our form -filling to do constantly in life and life presents to us the default mode as a choice along with other options. Due to the inertia inherent in our nature we pass over each set of these options ,unwittingly getting into the default mode. The default mode means status quo ante or the adoption of the safest course available. Many times we miss the opportunities to make something out of our life merely because of the laziness of the mind or inertia of our thinking.

If only we could apply our mind to each of the choices available to us to avail of the exiting opportunities that could further become available to us as we go along .

Shared Conscious

`I have been thinking of a model representing Time as a stack of circular -shaped discs ,each disc representing one space-time .The stack represents Time(already gone) with fresh discs being added ,each representing a space-time of the future.Each space-time stands for space tied to a particular Time .The vertical height represents Time from the beginning (As if there is beginning of Time!) and the horizontal space represents Space.

Extending the metaphor further, we can say that each disc represents one spatial consciousness and the stack the shared consciousness of humankind.There is a hole in the centre of the disc through which runs the thread of the collective conscious.(Like a mint with the hole!)


Our instinct for self-preservation works as under :

First I save myself
Then I save my organization (read family,community etc.)
Then I save humanity.

In the case of a fundamentalist terrorist ,how does this work ?

First I save my organization(read community etc.)
Then I save myself and family
Then I save humanity.

Love of community takes precedence over altruism.