Being cool makes it hot

‘The Dumbest Generation’ by Mark Bauerlein – Los Angeles Times

The problem is that instead of using the Web to learn about the wide world, young people instead mostly use it to gossip about each other and follow pop culture, relentlessly keeping up with the ever-shifting lingua franca of being cool in school. The two most popular websites by far among students are Facebook and MySpace. “Social life is a powerful temptation,” Bauerlein explains, “and most teenagers feel the pain of missing out.”

This ceaseless pipeline of peer-to-peer activity is worrisome, he argues, not only because it crowds out the more serious stuff but also because it strengthens what he calls the “pull of immaturity.” Instead of connecting them with parents, teachers and other adult figures, “[t]he web . . . encourages more horizontal modeling, more raillery and mimicry of people the same age.”

We were just wondering if a majority of the activity in the WWW is focussed on “being cool”,how come scholarship on the Net has been flourishing the same way as it used to do before the arrival of the Net. On the contrary there has been a tremendous explosion in knowledge in all spheres fueled by the uncontrolled growth of the Net. Perhaps the “cool” generation graduates to the serious pursuits once out of college and their FaceBook obsession soon changes into a technology obsession ,which is another thing one notices nowadays .If we observe closely the blogging activity ,we find a spurt in the growth of the so called technology blogs and a large number of them is now focussed on a meticulous documenting of the new developmentsin this field -like which social networking is ahead of others ,which web2.0 application is floundering ,which one is out of beta etc..