Bergson, Duration, and Metaphysics

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    • The concept of duration is interesting .Duration occurs as part of space-time in contrast to time which is open-ended.Time .as we understand in normal parlance is space-time but one can always envisage a Time without being tied up to space-a type of time which has relationship with a physical space.The interesting thing about this concept is the flowing time,the time that has no relationship with a specific space or an occurence. For example there is the concept of Indian time which does not recognise precise time but just an approximation to time.I have never thought there was already a concept of "Indian Time"-not Indian time as we understand it in India-but the way it is understood among the native American Indians -a concept of free flowing time .In India we joke about it when we do not adhere to punctuality in appointments ,which is a very common thing in our country.
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