“Page hit” -and- run usage and “ad-(nauseum)-sense” internet

Why my mom 1.0 hates your web 2.0 | Blue Screen of Duds

“Hit-and-run usage: The Indian Internet never grew up from the age of the eyeball bandits that spanned the early years. The mentality and thinking are pretty much the same all over the place. We have a three step routine which is hardwired into the stakeholder cranium: 1) Get the eyeballs 2) Monetize! monetize! monetize! 3) Profit!

In an era where everyone is desperately looking for better user engagement that should ideally lead to better profiling and targeting, Indian Internet is busy stomping on time’s rewind button, trying to look cool wearing floral prints and bellbottoms like the 70s never went out of fashion and wonder rather naively, “why is everyone looking funny at me?”

Why is it that we don’t like to engage our users in any meaningful fashion, beyond treating them as page view fodder? The reasons vary, but the primary source of the problem is from the old school eyeball bandit line of thinking. Secondly, it is hard work actually engaging users. It necessitates the acceptance of the fact that you may have been wrong in your thinking. It also necessitates the acceptance of the fact that a million people clicking a button in the wrong way is actually the right way, in contrast to your idea of the right way which was accepted by a sum total of four people in the senior management.

User engagement is 90% learning and 10% implementation and we in India tend to look down upon our audience. At one of my previous jobs I’d once told the COO, “we have a monopoly on the dumb Indian internet audience, they keep coming back day in and day out even if we are practically slapping them on their faces every time they come to our website.” The trouble with hit-and-run usage is that it gives you little value, incremental or otherwise. You will have a great deal of trouble, with such usage, in monetizing the traffic beyond the standard display advertising route.”

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