Concept of God

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There are a number of logical arguments given for the existence of God. These arguments rely only on human reasoning; they do not invoke religious faith. They were proposed by philosophers such as Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) and Saint Anselm (1033-1109) during the Middle Ages in Europe.

The Cosmological Argument:

If there was an infinite chain of causes of the universe then there would be no universe now.

But there is a universe now.

Therefore there must be a first cause of the universe.

The Argument from Design:

Most organisms in the world act for a purpose.

Most organisms are not aware of acting for a purpose.

There must be a superior being directing their purpose.

The Ontological Argument:

The concept of a supreme being is of a being with all perfections.

Existence is a perfection.

The supreme being must exist.

All three of the above arguments have been analyzed and criticized a great deal. They do show how human reasoning tries to

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Any takers for the deceased workflow specialists?

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We are currently looking for a Deceased Workflow Specialist to work at our Horsham, Pennsylvania location.

As a Deceased Workflow Specialist you will be responsible to to ensure collection of funds due to Advanta through telephone contact with associated parties, interface with departments internal and external to Advanta, route inventory, perform analysis, perform account level transactions, skiptrace, perform research related to the death of a Business Card Signing Individual. Reports to Recovery Manager, and interfaces with external agencies, law firms and other internal departments including: Credit, Fraud, Insurance, Securitization, Collections and Quality/Compliance.

  • One year minimum experience in Collections or Fraud required
  • Strong negotiation skills with the ability to concurrently demonstrate sensitivity in scenarios unique to deceased Cardholder accounts.
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    String theory

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    String theory proposes that particles, described in the Standard Model as point-like entities, are in fact more like vibrating strings of energy. The different frequencies at which they vibrate through the fabric of space-time gives them their unique physical properties.
    Gary Shiu, professor from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, proposes a model in which the shape of the extra spacial dimensions determines the properties of the universe, much in the same way the shape of a musical instrument determines its sound, meaning that string theory predicts that the particle masses and the forces exerted in the universe are in direct relation to the vibrating frequency of the string which, in turn, is given by the shape of the spatial dimensions.
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