Why do men hold back their tears ?

clipped from blogs.smh.com.au

Women do it 64 times a year, men do it just 17. No, I’m not talking the number of times they get their nose hairs waxed (and judging from the men I’ve met recently, that number should be significantly lower), the number of times a year we get jiggy between the sheets (hopefully those numbers are significantly higher), or when women win arguments with men (as they say, women are right all the time, even when they are wrong). Instead I’m talking about something far more sensitive that’s bound to prickle the spines of burly blokes everywhere: shedding a tear.

“A lot of men know more about how a car works than their own emotions,” Ron Bracey, clinical psychologist told the BBC. And while crying allows men to release those all important stress hormones, it seems they’re unlikely to let go of a few tears for fear of being labeled weak, emotionally vulnerable and – worst of all – feminine.

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