Jean Genet(1910-1986)

clipped from
The Maids, Genet portrays a ritualistic
act of two maids who take turns acting as “Madame,”
abusing each other as either servant or employer. The ceremony
reveals not only the maids’ hatred of the Madame’s authority,
but also their hatred of themselves for participating in the
hierarchy that oppresses them.
The Balcony is set
in a brothel of “nobel dimensions,” a palace of illusions
in which men can indulge their secret fantasies, perhaps as a
judge inflicting punishment on a beautiful thief, or as a dying
Foreign Legionaire being succoured by a beautiful Arab maiden.
But outside the brothel, the country is caught up in the throes
of revolution, and these false roles become confused with the
real roles of “bishop,” “judge” and “general”
until nothing is certain.
In Deathwatch he experiments
with a murderer in the role of hero. The play revolves around
three inmates who struggle for domination of a prison cell while
an unseen fourth prisoner watches on
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