Is internet a mere businessplace or a harbinger of a social change/

An interesting insight this.How true it is that successful “crowd sourcing” has become the benchmark of success in the new marketplace . The internet has evolved with exactly the same rules as the normal business place where the small savings of thousands of people are tapped to bring the maximum profits to the people who have successfully garnered them. “open sourcing” has become the mantra of success in putting to use the “brain pickings” of the individual thinker.
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thought that it would change people. I thought it would allow
us to build a new world through which we could model new
behaviors, values, and relationships. In the 90’s, I thought
the experience of going online for the first time would change
a person’s consciousness as much as if they had dropped acid
in the 60’s.
now, at least, it’s turned out to be different.
businesspeople running Facebook and MySpace are rivaled only
by the members of these online “communities” in
their willingness to surrender their identities and ideals
for a buck, a click-through, or a better market valuation.
open source ethos has been reinterpreted through the lens
of corporatism as “crowd sourcing” — meaning just
another way to get people to do work for no compensation.
And even “file-sharing” has been reduced to a frenzy
of acquisition that has less to do with music than it does
the ever-expanding hard drives of successive iPods.
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