Isolation and self

Isolation and Self in Jobe’s Portfolio —  

"I’ve been convinced for a while now that the shortcut to the road to knowledge and enlightenment is self-isolation.

How can we seek to understand the world around us if we as individuals are barely conscious of ourselves? ..That is aware of who we are and why we are and what we believe.

Self-discovery. Self-analysis. Self-adjustment. Self-sculpting. Self-acceptance. Self-awareness.

It makes sense if you think about it. Ready your own mind by teaching it to read itself. Then read the world.

This approach could backfire.. self-analysis could lead to self-imposed limitations. Fuck limits. There are no limits anywhere save the limits we create for ourselves. And we learned to limit well from childhood on."

This is  the Hindu’s way of thinking ,which has come to be accepted as the only way of finding your way out of the morass of confusion that surrounds you .Nevertheless it has a validity of its own although one is not sure whether by being self -aware you will attain enlightenment. Do we know for certain that all those who have attained enlightenment have done so after attaining higher levels of self-awareness ? One is not really sure. And then there is the difficulty of defining what enlightenment is . Granted this is known and we are fairly certain what we mean by enlightenment ,we may proceed to accept the theory that self-awareness may lead to attainment of enlightenment

 .Perhaps we are entirely befuddled by confusion the moment we come out of the womb .We continue to be making our way through a world of uncertainty and chaos ,which we are continuously trying to interpret according to the limited logic operating in our pea-sized brains .Out of this we try to arrive at logical positions because we cannot rest till we arrive at a position . The uncomfortable question that is haunting us all this while is whether it is necessary at all to arrive at any position. What if we do not try to set our mind at rest by giving up the pursuit of knowledge or enlightenment ? Because there is no fixed position you can take and once you think you have arrived at a position ,that is not the end of the story. There are other questions,other postulates ,other parameters. It is like the miasma that you come across on a hot sultry day on the highway .As you approach it there is nothing and further down there are further miasmas.

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