Man has moved away from the savannahs but the savannahs are still within him

Evolutionary psychology | More news from the savannah | 

"…changes concerning animals were significantly easier to detect than those concerning cars. In the most telling comparison, 100% of volunteers noticed the movement of an elephant in the African bush. Only 72% noticed the movement of a minivan in a similar piece of bush. And that was despite the fact that the image of the van was somewhat larger in the photograph than the image of the elephant, and that the minivan was red, not grey.

This highly honed ability to notice animal activity (it applies to small familiar animals, such as pigeons, as well as large unfamiliar ones, such as elephants) argues that an animal-monitoring module is innate in the brain. As, indeed, might be expected. Animals are important: small ones are supper; large ones are best avoided, lest they eat you or trample you to death. In other words, you can take the human out of the savannah. But you cannot take the savannah out of the human."

An interesting piece of research which says that although man has moved away from the wild west plains he has not yet lost his ability to spot animal activity .Extending this further one might say there is a greater chance of your getting killed by a vehicle in the chaos of the Indian traffic than in an African jungle where the elephants may suddenly come charging at you from behind  tall bushes .

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