Assumption busting

Look at a situation you are in with a closed eye.All those things which seem obvious and you do not even think of challenging are the assumptions .List them and find out if they are really capable of stopping you  and challenge them
Examples :
 There has been no precedent which means that other people have tested it and found it unworkable.

There are certain things which work only that way.There are other things that work because of certain other things which if not prevailing make it impossible for it  to work.

People have always believed it .There is no other way of working.
There are emotions involved and nothing can be done about them.
You can’t beat the union pressure.other people have tried it and failed.
This disease cannot be cured and scientists have not found a cure so far.
Challenge these assumptions.Ask why there is only one way of doing it.Ask why if other people have failed or not attempted it ,it is not possible.Ask why the union pressure cannot be met .
The Government will not give permission .Ask whether we have tried it.
There is no toilet paper in the bath .We cannot go to the toilet. Ask whether the bath in the upstairs room has it .

He is required to read at least 100 pages by night and he has never done so much of reading on one day. Ask if he begins at 5 in the evening and continues with it till 9 , can he not finish it ?

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