That will teach him to be more respectful to the mother-in-law

This new son-in-law had  his cute ear bitten by the mother-in-law
Know that she bites only what she can chew,especially if it is raw.

(“ROGERS, Ark. (AP) – A woman was charged with second-degree domestic battery after biting off part of her new son-in-law’s ear.

say Julie Lynn Jenkins, 42, bit Leland Shawn Charles Knighting’s ear
Wednesday night. Officers found Knighting lying in the street, holding
the side of his head and bleeding heavily from an ear. Knighting, 20,
identified Jenkins as his attacker. “)


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Recognising creative problems

We constantly face problems in the workaday world which we keep solving and moving forward.Then there problems which require a carefully calibrated intellectual approach in order to be resolved. Lastly there are the creative problems which cannot be resolved with the common logical approach and analysis .

The important characteristics of the creative problems are :

There are no logical methods available
There is no one right answer
There are many wrong answers
you never know whether they work till you try them out.

Creative problems are more than ideas.

They are new
They are useful
They are feasible

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Assumption busting

Look at a situation you are in with a closed eye.All those things which seem obvious and you do not even think of challenging are the assumptions .List them and find out if they are really capable of stopping you  and challenge them
Examples :
 There has been no precedent which means that other people have tested it and found it unworkable.

There are certain things which work only that way.There are other things that work because of certain other things which if not prevailing make it impossible for it  to work.

People have always believed it .There is no other way of working.
There are emotions involved and nothing can be done about them.
You can’t beat the union pressure.other people have tried it and failed.
This disease cannot be cured and scientists have not found a cure so far.
Challenge these assumptions.Ask why there is only one way of doing it.Ask why if other people have failed or not attempted it ,it is not possible.Ask why the union pressure cannot be met .
The Government will not give permission .Ask whether we have tried it.
There is no toilet paper in the bath .We cannot go to the toilet. Ask whether the bath in the upstairs room has it .

He is required to read at least 100 pages by night and he has never done so much of reading on one day. Ask if he begins at 5 in the evening and continues with it till 9 , can he not finish it ?

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The chilli eater of Delhi

There was a hilly guy in Delhi  who ate many a green chilly
The thunder that followed in his belly made him look a bit silly.

years-old Pravin Kumar Sherawat sucks up milk through his nostrils and
squirts it through his eyes , 12 feet high ! He is also a holder of the
national record for eating 175 green chillies in five minutes sharp.)

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In the law-books there is no mention of websites

His Lordship had read all the dog-eared law books in his sophomore years
Never for once had he heard of this web-site thing in his experienced ears.

“A judge trying an internet terror case stunned a court by admitting he did not know what a website was.Judge Peter Openshaw brought a halt to the trial as a witness was being quizzed about an extremist web forum.
told prosecutors at Woolwich Crown Court: “The trouble is I don’t
understand the language. I don’t really understand what a website is.”


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The rule of six

"In a classic experiment, psychology professor Stanley Milgram sent letters to acquaintances with the name of another person elsewhere in the world that they did not know, and with the simple instructions to pass the letter on to someone who ‘might know’ the target person. His remarkable findings was that, in most cases, the letter found its target within about six ‘hops’ between people.

This experiment has been repeated more recently using the internet and email, and has come up with the same conclusions: we are only about six steps away from anyone else in the world."

This is very interesting .Why six ? I can’t fathom the significance of the number .If this were true the diffusion that takes place in the political context or in the bizarre ideas or plain simple fashions can be predicted and quantified and may be ,controlled as the hops are just six covering a relatively smaller geographic area (unless it is on the internet).

A panty and bra will save many a marriage in Canberra

A subsidy on  the sexy undie will make Australians really happy
A panty and bra will save many a marriage in Canberra ,mainly.

government subsidy on sexy underwear would cut divorce rates, boost
birth rates and make Australia a happier nation, a Melbourne clothing
manufacturer said Wednesday.

With 40 per cent of marriages now
ending in divorce and a third of adult Australians without a partner,
cutting the cost of crimson lace would save Canberra money in the long
run, Leethal Fashion Accessories proprietor Gail Lee said.”)

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