Is an egalitarian society a myth ?

  • Here the writer traces the similarity between the philosophy of the so called Hindu fundamentalists (Read Guru Golwalkar) and the thinking of the free market proponents of Milton Friedman and others. The Hindu thinking traces the apparent disparities in the society to the inevitable consequence of the diseequilibrium in the universe caused by satva ,rajas ,and tamas and accepts it as inevitable. In a silmilar fashion the free market proponents believe that a certain unemployment percentage of say 10 to 15% is inevitable in the natural scheme of things itself. The argument goes against the concept of an egalitarian society which remains a utopian dream .A democracy is supposed to be by the people , of the people and for the people and all this is hogwash ? This is a pernicious argument . We simply cannot accept a so called inevitable percentage of unemployment as a given truth .Even if that were the reality the society cannot afford to accept that as inevitable because accepting that would legalise exploitation which will lead to destabilisation of the society. this is what appears to be happening now with the naxalite movement taking deep roots across the country.

Christopher Hart on Hubhub by Emily Cockayne-Literary Review

"It’s not the benighted line to Yeovil Junction you’re on, however, but a journey back into the past: specifically, the past of an England where people still drank ale instead of tea for breakfast, defecated in the streets as if it were the right of every freeborn Englishman to do so, and hadn’t yet dreamt of Methodism, Temperance, or the Lord’s Day Observance Society.

  • Read all about the 17th century England when people behaved exactly the way the people do now in my country- where people drank ale instead of tea for breakfast,defecated in the streets ,talked loud and sentimental in turns, made scurrilous abuses and at the same time made amazing sacrifices, spat everywhere ,never cared for dignity in public behaviour etc.Whatever may be the merit of the book I love to know that the English,who acted pompous with us natives hardly a hundred years ago were of the same stuff as us .It is delicious- this piece of information which puts us on the same pedestal as our once-masters ! Great , especially the defecation part .These people were just like our people who go on the rail tracks for their morning activities ! Where might the English have been going ? Surely on the banks of the Thames ! Imagine Shakespeare squatting on the river bank along with Ben Jonson !

The goat is cuter than Freud

A goat’s statue with a  comely goatee should  rightly adorn our square
A psycho-analyst with a flowing beard is not all that handsome and rare.

“A plan to have a monument to Sigmund Freud has been turned down by
locals in Prague who want to have a statue of a goat instead.The
monument will be erected in the area of the city known as Goat Square
where there have been no goats for hundreds of years.Freud was born in
the Czech Republic but lost out to the goats after locals started a
protest group called “The Friends of the Goat”.

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The capitalist conspiracy

An interesting theory propounded by Edward Griffin is that there is an international conspiracy by a select few capitalists to control the world’s money systems.This group wields economic power by controlling political power and their wealth is created out of nothing.The group is protected by the governments in power and their ultimate goal is to achieve control over the world government.They are now working to replace fear of a nuclear war by fear of global warming .
This is an old documentary film written and narrated by Griffins in the 60’s .It is amazing how this has almost come true in the Iraq catastrophe and the bogey of Weapons of Mass Destruction and now the specter of global warming being raised in America.

Big Picture formation takes place in sleep

It is not enough to know individual bits of information .What is required is to piece them together to arrive at a big picture.If you know A is greater than B , and B is greater than C, there is another piece of a hidden fact , an inferential knowledge that A is greater than C . The process of linking up disparate pieces of information with a view to arriving at the big picture actually takes place during sleep. This implies that cognitive processing actually takes place in sleep.
Science Daily

Cities are like organisms

Cities are often thought of as organisms just like elephants or sharks or frogs .But as these organisms get larger they become slower ,using less energy.Cities ,as they grow larger, create more wealth and become more innovative in survival mechanisms.

Jose Lobo “Growth, innovation, scaling and the pace of life in cities,” in the current issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

The funny thing is that actual experience with our cities is different .Up to a point the city grows and then stagnation sets in .For example ,while the city of Hyderabad grew from a population size of 2 million in 1990’s to the present size of 6 million mainly due to the IT boom which acted as the driver for the growth , Chennai remained stagnant over the past several years.The same story can be found in medium sized cities which once promised great growth potential but have not grown much e.g Vijayawada ,Vadodara etc. The comparison with organisms should therefore be valid in case of most of the cities.

A photoblog of pictures of antiquity is a photo-blog devoted to photos photos from the past.The photos displayed there are fascinating and worth a look.Here is an interesting picture showing a long line of unemployed people drinking free coffee at the Bowery Mission in New York:

The image brings to your mind similar scenes in contemporary India. One extremely poignant image is the long line of unemployed/under-employed people at the road junctions waiting to be picked up for daily wage work. These people some times get work and some times they have to go back to their homes without work.