Why do entire cilvilisations lie buried under tons of the earth?

An interesting doubt which has always arisen in me whenever I hear of archaeological excavations like Mohenjodaro  is why  these  civilisations always lie buried under 10 to 20 feet deep  earth levels. I am pleasantly surprised to see this question being addressed by Cecil Adams in Straight Dope. Of course one major reason for this stuff remaining buried is the fact of its actually having been buried under a landslide or a flood or an earthquake or some other natural disaster.Shifting desert sand could be an example like the great Egyptian temple at Abu Simbel or the Sphinx. More important is the nature of the human settlement . The settlement usually takes place near the source of water or some other facilitatory factor and the place gets deserted as soon as such a factor disappears.Or may be , due to war or pestilence. Shoddy construction could be one of the reasons for the entire settlement to disappear as people find it convenient to leave the collapsed construction and go elsewhere.

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