Dieing for nothing

A blogger(Howard Park in ‘Stumble Upon’) has made  the following comment ,very apt, on the American misadventure in Iraq

"The sad truth is that the first, the last, and all of the soldiers killed in Iraq have died for nothing. "Nothing" is the only word that adequately describes the amount of realistic thought that went into the invasion. "Nothing" is what our country will get out of this colossal waste of blood and treasure. Actually, "less than nothing" is more accurate: our enemies have been strengthened beyond their wildest dreams, our allies (or should I say our former allies) have been weakened and angered to the point that they no longer want to cooperate with us, and the general mayhem and distraction have allowed Osama bin Laden and Kim Jong-Il to go on giving us the middle finger with impunity for the last four years. The only Americans who have gained from all of this are the "defense" contractors who were shrewd enough to cultivate such close personal and financial relationships with Bush and Cheney. For them, the occupation of Iraq is like a giant funnel leading directly from the pockets of the American taxpayers into their own. Perhaps that’s why Bush is so dead-set on staying in Iraq."

  • It is a chilling truth that for a handful of silver the lives of so many have been considered as expendable.The Americans have proved themselves to be utterly incompetent in protecting the lives of their own people.They have been mute spectators to the ghastly tragedy and all that they did was to laugh at the oddities of Bush and went on parading one after the excuse for the continued foolhardiness in Iraq even when the body bags were arriving.Do we now come to the conclusion that the  signs of decadence of America have started setting in ?

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