Is an egalitarian society a myth ?

  • Here the writer traces the similarity between the philosophy of the so called Hindu fundamentalists (Read Guru Golwalkar) and the thinking of the free market proponents of Milton Friedman and others. The Hindu thinking traces the apparent disparities in the society to the inevitable consequence of the diseequilibrium in the universe caused by satva ,rajas ,and tamas and accepts it as inevitable. In a silmilar fashion the free market proponents believe that a certain unemployment percentage of say 10 to 15% is inevitable in the natural scheme of things itself. The argument goes against the concept of an egalitarian society which remains a utopian dream .A democracy is supposed to be by the people , of the people and for the people and all this is hogwash ? This is a pernicious argument . We simply cannot accept a so called inevitable percentage of unemployment as a given truth .Even if that were the reality the society cannot afford to accept that as inevitable because accepting that would legalise exploitation which will lead to destabilisation of the society. this is what appears to be happening now with the naxalite movement taking deep roots across the country.

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