Christopher Hart on Hubhub by Emily Cockayne-Literary Review

"It’s not the benighted line to Yeovil Junction you’re on, however, but a journey back into the past: specifically, the past of an England where people still drank ale instead of tea for breakfast, defecated in the streets as if it were the right of every freeborn Englishman to do so, and hadn’t yet dreamt of Methodism, Temperance, or the Lord’s Day Observance Society.

  • Read all about the 17th century England when people behaved exactly the way the people do now in my country- where people drank ale instead of tea for breakfast,defecated in the streets ,talked loud and sentimental in turns, made scurrilous abuses and at the same time made amazing sacrifices, spat everywhere ,never cared for dignity in public behaviour etc.Whatever may be the merit of the book I love to know that the English,who acted pompous with us natives hardly a hundred years ago were of the same stuff as us .It is delicious- this piece of information which puts us on the same pedestal as our once-masters ! Great , especially the defecation part .These people were just like our people who go on the rail tracks for their morning activities ! Where might the English have been going ? Surely on the banks of the Thames ! Imagine Shakespeare squatting on the river bank along with Ben Jonson !

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