Men and monkey


The picture captures sleeping men and their monkey in the Chandni Chowk area of Delhi during the violent riots of 1984 which brought about untold destruction and left permanent scars on the Indian psyche.The all-pervading listlessness and the grotesque vendetta which caused the riots crippled economic activity deeply affecting the lives of people like these who were living on the fringe of the society as beggars,monkey-men, smalltime peddlers etc. The beauty of the photograph is unmistakable .It conveys the hopelessness of the situation so effectively.Two men and their monkey were seen sleeping on the footpath with an amazing indifference to the goings-on in the city. The abandon with which the men are sleeping outside a house which appears to have been bolted from outside conveys so effectively that in the end nothing really mattered ,not even religion,not even hunger or the barest necessities of life, as sleep takes over the lives of men and their monkeys.

The photograph is by Prashant Panjiar.

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