“The Hive Mind” by parabiodox

This blog talks about the “hive mind “.  “It’s safer to be the aggregator of the collective. You get to include all sorts of material without committing to anything. You can be superficially interesting without having to worry about the possibility of being wrong.”
(Jaron Lanier on the stupidity of the hive mind)

Look at what he says.The article may be interesting and may be not. If everybody says it is interesting ,it has go to be .Reserve your judgment.In the music concert look who is clapping or waving their hands like a stalk of wheat in the wind .If the number is large ,you may start doing the same thing .If the claps are a mere whimper ,do not bother to join.

“I am not saying it’s interesting, but it may be, what do you think ?I am not going to commit myself to linking to articles like this unless a lot of other people think it’s interesting.Then if a lot of people think it’s interesting, then I’ll think it’s interesting and I won’t have to worry about being wrong.But I’m not saying that’s definitely what I think, unless a lot of other people think it as well, in which case it’s a definite opinion.”
What do you think ?

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