Semantic Web

Syllogisms are basically derived from a logical relationship between two or three postulates.Certain things stated ,some other things follow from them ,exploring the inter-relationship of the stated things.A crude example can be something like this:

A paediatrician is a doctor
A doctor can be a paediatrician
Robert is a paediatrician
Robert is a doctor.

The statement 4 is derived from 1,2,3 .It can also be derived from 1,3

The usefulness of the syllogisms in pursuit of knowledge is suspect .Perhaps they can be used in the Semantic Web.  The capability of vast and complex data bits being related electronically to discover their relationships  in order to derive newer facts or relationships can be profitably used as a means of building up artificial intelligence or memory.The limitations are of course there.In real life they may not work well.Most of the data we use may not lend itself to recombination.

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