The glass eye

The season between winter and summer is a season of dreams .The dreariest place in the city appears as though it has been decked up for the coming spring.I  keep telling my wife who accompanies me in my morning walks that she must notice the beauty and be aware of the beauty as we pass the trees which are unusually green and some times in brown and red  and of different hues. She no doubt appreciates   my drawing her attention to it from time to time but  do I have to do it all the time ? Why not talk about this and that  ?  The reason  why she is not enthusiastic enough  (according to me)  is possibly that I look at everything as though I am readying myself to photograph it. The perfectly ordinary things in life appear to me as if they are endowed with extraordinary beauty .This is because digital photography has heightened my visual sense enough to enable me to look at everything in a different light.I mean light literally because that is what my eyes keep adjusting automatically whenever I see something interesting and photographable.

I never realized till today morning that this extraordinary benefit had accrued to me possibly due to my three years of continuous photography in different situations.The pleasures of collecting beauty tokens from different places and situations make your life worth living.Photography heightens your senses and develops and fine tunes your faculties.It is not necessary that whatever we think is beautiful and gives us joy  automatically qualifies to be photographed.It is just the perspective that you have developed that enables you to enjoy life.

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