Mr.Panda is not impressed

Our friend Mr.Panda “cocked” his snook
At the zoo’s zany attempts at sleaze
And managed to pull a longish yawn
At the coquettish charms of his missees.

“Zoo keepers hope panda porn will get Chuang Chuang in the mood.The furry guy is spending his days in front of a big screen TV showing scenes of pandas mating.Officials at the Chiang Mai Zoo in northern Thailand are also putting Chuang Chuang on a diet. They fear he may be too hefty to make whoopie.Chuang Chuang will be reunited with his partner in about a week. The zoo has kept them apart for months in hopes that sparks will fly when they get back together.”

Chuang is apparently not impressed with the charms of his mate. May be,the zoo authorities may think of a candle light dinner date with romantic music.

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