Men are hotter than women

Why fat people are hotter and why women are less hot than men

This study suggests that men need to turn down their thermostats while women turn them up ,in general. As you grow older you become more sensitive to temperature. This is more the case with men. While watching T.V men tend to sweat more asking for the thermostats to be turned down while women want them set to warmer temperatures. There is an ad running on the T.V. in which a woman comes to the savvy city man at the poolside saying “I am hot” and the gentleman rather than obliging her with his company wraps her semi-nude body with his overcoat saying “this will cool you down “.Apparently the study does not speak about women feeling “hot” this way.On the other hand ,it speaks about the women feeling less hot than men.

The other finding is that fat people tend to feel more hot than the lankier ones. This is of course what we see in real life.We see the obese people feeling sweatier than the lean ones but I am not sure if this is because the the heart has to work harder to provide blood supply to a much larger area than in the lean bodies causing them to produce more heat .

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