Hope for a change

“The Leader from Hope

Harry Hutson and Barbara Perry

Most business leaders shy away from the word “hope.” Yet hope has
been shown to be the key ingredient of resilience in survivors of
traumas ranging from prison camps to natural disasters. So if you are
an executive trying to lead an organization through change, know that
hope can be a potent force in your favor. And it’s yours to give.”

 The Harvard Business Review List of Breakthroughs 2007 mentions hope as one of the breakthrough ideas for 2007.This is  not an entirely new discovery.The management style of the leaders of India in the political system has always been based upon this . The obsession of the leaders has always been with building up hope ,including false hopes as a means of building a new country. The BJP tried this in the “India Shines” campaign in the last elections .It is another thing that it did not work to their favour. Now the economic punditry of the government ,in collaboration with the upper middle class English press and electronic media are systematically building up the “India superpower” euphoria based upon the simple statistic of 6 to 7% growth believed to have been achieved .The urban elite and the educated middle classes may get carried away by the utopian promises of India attaining a superpower status but the masses continue to be outside the pale of this reform agenda. Their hope seems to be lying in the amount of country liquor that the local politicians buy for them in exchange for their votes.

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