These bulbs fuse out too soon

Men are like lightbulbs that lose their tungstens too soon
Women want their irons red-hot ,not cool as the full moon.

“Eli Lilly & Co., maker of impotence drug Cialis, hopes that
Chinese couples who might resort to traditional aphrodisiacs or divorce
court to resolve sexual problems will seek marital bliss with its own

Since only one-third of those couples had thought about
seeking treatment, Lilly believes that efforts to boost awareness of
the problem would increase sales of Cialis, whose long-lasting effects
have given it the nickname “the weekender”.

“The drug is
effective, because men are like light bulbs. They can be turned on and
off easily. Women are like irons, they need a long time to heat up, but
also a long time to cool down,” said psychologist Qiu Xiaolan, brought
in as part of Lilly’s media campaign to educate the public.”

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