Idea and Ikea!opendocument

"The umbrellas are huge (3 people can fit underneath), colorful (in IKEA’s signature blue and yellow with a big company logo), and made of good quality materials (strong cloth, steel shaft, large wooden handle). Exactly the kind of umbrella you want to carry when it’s raining. A small sign hangs nearby:
IKEA UMBRELLAS Sunny Day ………….. $ 10.
Rainy Day ………….. $ 3.
I did a double-take, then smiled. Rainy days are when you really need an umbrella. Common sense says a smart retailer could raise the price. But IKEA is even smarter. IKEA wants you to enjoy the convenience of a big umbrella when you need it. They want you to remember the unusually low price. They want you to help promote their stores with a huge IKEA umbrella.
Key Learning Point IKEA wants you coming back. And with treatment like this, you will."

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