Biological processes used in nuclear reactor designs

Nuclear reactors ‘evolve’ inside supercomputers – tech – 09 June 2006 – New Scientist Tech

"Scientists  Qualls and his colleagues were looking for a more efficient design approach and found inspiration in biological evolution. They used software tools known as genetic algorithms to evolve different reactor designs. Similar algorithms are already used in many different fields to evolve highly efficient solutions to particular problems. The algorithms they created first produce a population of reactor designs by randomising all the different design factors involved. Each design is then tested in a simulation for its "fitness", measuring its performance efficiency, running cost, safety and other parameters. The designs that perform best are singled out for survival. They are mutated and recombined to create the next generation of designs. After many cycles, the potential of the most refined designs is evaluated by engineers. "[Simulated evolution] will come up with some systems we would just never have had otherwise"
Another fascinating use of the processes inherent in nature’s work.

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