The fight for Pluto’s planetary status rages on

300 scientists have disputed the definition of a planet arrived at by the International Astronomical Union recently and called for a re-examination of the withdrawal of the planetary status to Pluto.Aside from what the Astronomers think the cultural and social aspects of Pluto as a heavenly body so familiar to us as a member of our planetary system needs to be taken into account while taking a view in the matter,say the petitioners.

Geysers on the Martian South Pole

A new study reveals that the dark spots observed on the Martian South Pole are in fact zones when pressurized gas and particles of dust have eruped ,geyser-like,from beneath the dry ice formed from carbo dioxide.The dry ice is translucent enabling penetration of  sunlight  and as the sunlight is absorbed by the soil it warms the ice from bottom up . The frozen carbon dioxide sublimates forming a layer of gas trapped between the ice and the ground. The pressure of the gas builds up until the gas escapes through a vent in the ice, creating a geyser of carbon dioxide and sediment.