Social utility of speculative theories about the other universes

Science need not serve any social purpose like better life for the members of the society.Its purpose will be served if it merely satisfies your thirst for knowledge.But the question is whether it serves any purpose if we spend resources on postulating universes other than our own.The multiverse theory propounded by some researchers belongs to this type of hypothetical beliefs.

“A striking consequence of the new picture of the world is that there should be an infinity of regions with histories absolutely identical to ours. That’s right, scores of your duplicates are now reading copies of this article. They live on planets exactly like Earth, with all its mountains, cities, trees, and butterflies. There should also be regions where histories are somewhat different from ours, with all possible variations. For example, some readers will be pleased to know that there are infinitely many O-regions where Al Gore is the President of the United States.”(John Horgan)

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