Why is the sky blue ?

Plato speculated that the blue of the sky was due to the interaction of the air with the celestial darkness beyond.Newton concluded that water droplets in the air could explain the sky’s blue.He ignored the light being in the form of waves.John Tyndall interpreted the phenomenon in terms of the wave theory of light but could not identify the scattering particles that were responsible for the blue of the sky. Maxwell’s explanation was close to the modern perception that air molecules scattering light are responsible for the blue of the sky.

The violet wavelengths from the sun , being shorter in length should be scattering more than the blue ones ,making for the possibility of a violet sky. But the sky appears blue due to our daytime vision which is more sensitive to the blue than to the violet wavelength.

So the sky is actually violet, not blue!Nevertheless my sky remains blue, the poet’s sky, the child’s sky, the lover’s sky.

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