Are humans hard wired to appreciate music ?

The enjoyment of music in humans is supposed to be an activity which takes place in the same parts of the brain as those stimulated by food and sex. Humans are somehow hard wired to be musical but how this has come to be in the course of evolution is a puzzle difficult to solve. Darwin related the innate musical ability of humans to the need for attracting the females just like in the case of birdsongs. This assumes that females are not musically inclined which is an absurd proposition.In fact it may be that music may have evolved as a baby- calming tool in hunter-gatherer societies. Perhaps the explanation may be more acceptable that communal music making has been found to be, in the course of evolution,useful for team building which is an essential adaptive skill. The answers are hardly conclusive .Perhaps music may have evolved as a mere byproduct of human language.

Drake Bennett ,Boston Globe

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