Is democracy the natural state of our nature ?

Thomas Hobbes said the state of nature is a brutish scheme of things where ethics has no place.Thome Hartman says that  in the state of nature we were basically democrats and political democracy and economic middle class are the natural state of humankind.In some animals the alpha males(some times alpha females)ruled the animals but their power is limited to courtship only. Essentially democracy prevails.

There are fallacies in this line of thinking.Merely because some species behave in a consensual manner it doesn’t therefore mean all do, or even that it is the “natural” human condition.The other fallacy was that as the human society evolved certain basic ethics have evolved by themselves ,which have taken us away from the brutishness of the natural state that Hobbes spoke of. Actually there is no democracy as such which is natural to the human society. What actually happens is a hierarchical society where leaders run the groups as representatives of the members. 

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