Not this , not this

The concept of a negative data base has been found very useful in computer data .Thus instead of defining what should constitute the data base we may define negative data base elements which would be very large in number and it would be possible to deduce the positive data elements by looking at the negative data base.This would make fishing expeditions difficult.The potential for the use of negative data base lies in their use as complementary to the traditional cryptography.Thus if two banks have to work out transactions which they have in common without disclosing the whole contents of their individual data bases ,use of a negative base is the ideal solution.
In the 1940’s a philosopher called Carl Hempel showed that by manipulating the statement that “all ravens are black”,you could derive the equivalent “all non-black objects are non-ravens”. In the Hindu philosophy , to find out who you are,you ask what you are not :then you are left with what you are. ” NETI,NETI (not this , not this)

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