Ten things about evolution by John S.Wilkins :

Ten things about evolution :
1) All progress in evolution is local.Longer term trends happen only in response to longer term environment changes
2)Natural selection is not evolution.Evolution includes taxonomic diversity, random processes,sexual selection and so forth.
3)Selection is a broad term.Natural selection is not whatever is sexual selection,kin selection, artificial selection,group selection etc
4)All species are intermediate,either on the way to extinction or new species.There are no missing links.
5)All species are still evolving (incl.humans)
6)Macroevolution is the sum total of the effect of the microevolution
7)Human cognition is an evolved and still evolving trait.
8) Species are well-defined; there is no rank of being a species that is natural
9)The only natural way to group higher taxa is genealogical
10)Genes are only one element of evolution.Evolution is not about the genes but about the life cycles of organisms.

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